Our world is in crisis. We face unprecedented threats to our survival in the shape of climate change, nuclear war and political crisis. Each day, it feels like we come one step closer to our annihilation.

A nuclear strike on London would kill 2,336,920 people, injuring a further 2,614,180.

At London region Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, we’re determined to not let that happen.

For decades we’ve worked to rid the UK, and the world, of nuclear weapons. We mobilise our members to demonstrate and organise against nuclear war whenever we can. We hold events to ensure we can never forget the cost of nuclear war and host international delegations to build international solidarity. You can read more about what we’ve been up to this year in a letter from our vice-president Catherine West MP, or in our financial appeal brochure.

In the coming year, we want to do more, but we can only do that with your help. We rely solely on the generous donations of individuals to cover our operating costs and to enable us to continue fighting for a safe, nuclear free world.

Please consider donating to our financial appeal below, or set up a recurring donation to help us continue fighting.

Together we can make a difference.

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