London CND Meeting: Labour Q&A on nuclear weapons


Fabian Hamilton, Labour's Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament gave London CND supporters a rousing speech last week in the Houses of Parliament. He told the engaged audience that he was and always has been a CND supporter alongside Jeremy Corbyn. He spoke about the stance of Labour on nuclear weapons over the years and reasons to be optimistic.

He spoke about the nuclear weapons ban treaty which has just been opened for signature, and how he had been to the UN ban treaty negotiations earlier this year. Which is more to be said for the current UK government who chose to boycott the proceedings with the USA.


Christine Shawcroft, Labour Party National Executive Committee, also spoke with a tone of optimism. She reminded us that nuclear weapons did not protect against 9/11 or 7/7. 


Finally the living legend Walter Wolfgang reminded us of the common sense argument that 'We cannot achieve the society we want if we waste a lot of money on nuclear weapons.'